Aileen has changed my life and I am forever gra...


Glam Pam The New Mam - Turmoil to Triumph - A poetic journey through early motherhood. 





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A unique CD featuring twelve insightful poems with introductions to help new mothers enjoy the
experience of motherhood.


Helps new mothers understand how to reduce the pre-occupation with "perfection" and
enhance the focus on their beautiful baby.


Includes a 24-page booklet with hilarilous
illustrations and text of all poems.


Duration: 26 minutes



usually $29.95ea  NOW Only $10.00 + $3.00 Postage


This CD is quirky and humourous with a wonderful message for all who have raised a baby.


I went along to see Aileen not sure what to expect as I was feeling pretty down just about everything at the time. I had had another baby, that makes three, and things were starting to get on top of me, when Aileen and her insiration came along. After just one session Aileen helped me realise what was happening to me and with the help of her advice and her CD on coping with motherhood and the changes we face in our life I came away feeling like a new women. I suppose sometimes it takes another person who is removed from our life to give us some helpful insight into what is really going on and how we can manage to change things for the better. Aileen's method is personal and endearing yet at the same time her professional attitude is not lost as she works her magic.

Jackie (mother of three) and surviving with a smile. Thanks Aileen.