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How to Raise Happy, Healthy and Successful Children


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"In this house we all love, respect and help each other so that our home can be a happy one".

This remarkable CD teaches you how to "parent at your best".

Parents learn how to - communicate, make use of limited time, build your child's confidence, keep them off drugs & out of trouble and create strong family bonds.

You'll learn how to raise a child who has high self esteem and shows you love, respect and co-operation. You will raise a child who enjoys a challenge and reaches their potential. They will also make intelligent and responsible decisions.

Duration: 49 minutes



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This CD should be a must in every household!


Aileen, your CD is fantastic!  It has turned our family around.  Now there is no more screaming or yelling. Our children are happy and we have fun together as a family.  Something we've never done before.  We've made a lot of mistakes with our boys but now, thanks to your CD we know how to create a happy home life for our future.
Marie & Richard, Gold Coast
Dear Aileen, I cannot thank you enough for the wisdom and common sense that you shared on your beautiful CD, "How to Raise Happy, Healthy & Successful Children". As a mother of four grown-up children and Nan to five littlies, your advice, especially with regards to the absolute importance of love in our children's lives really hit a chord.  Thank you again for reminding me of this.
Terri , Nundah