I first looked up Aileen some 6 months ago seeking grief counselling as I was suffering with severe grief relating to my father's diagnoses with Alzheimers some 2 years earlier, for various reasons I never followed through. Later this year my h...

Gavin and Stacey

Prissaville Favourites

Prissaville CD's $10.00 ea or

The Full Collection for $29.95


Prissaville Favourites is a lively, happy, fun collection of all the lovely Prissaville songs that children love to sing.

The songs are catchy, fun and easy to learn with tunes that
“stick in your brain” and good, positive messages that “stick” with you for life.

Everybody loves to sing along together and Prissaville Favourites will bond all the family in a happy, lively and entertaining way.
Singing in the car on the way to school, singing around the house, in the bath or wherever,


Peacock's Puzzle


The fabulous characters from the Vanity Fair Series fill our hearts with laughter and song as Peacock  discovers the answer to his puzzle

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Vanity Fair


The colourful characters and catchy songs add lots of fun and laughter to the plot.

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Mrs Hogg


It is full of fun and simple, catchy little songs which will amuse and delight children while they learn some very timely

and valuable messages about healthy eating habits, exercise and how to  be happy by "giving stress the flick!"

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